What to do when your commercial refrigerator breaks down

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If you are running a coffee shop or small bistro downtown, your refrigerator in your kitchen at the back of your store is commercial. It is being used for commercial purposes quite possibly for twenty four hours every day even on those rare days when business is closed. The fridge in question is, quite frankly, being overused. But you feel that this is necessary, otherwise, how else are you going to keep your produce fresh and ready for delivery to the customers’ tables. You even use your refrigerator to store your freshly roasted coffee beans, and that is a good thing too.

There is nothing your loyal customers love the most. It is mostly for the coffee and your shop’s aura that they come. Others come for the fine dishes you are preparing in your kitchen. But it could all go to pot if your over-used commercial refrigerator finally starts to break down. What then? What do you do in a case like this? Are you in a position to finance a new commercial fridge or would you much rather continue using your trusted fridge that you and your goods have become so accustomed to. You can respond to the latter question by sourcing new or used or custom made commercial refrigerator parts from a tried and trusted source supplier and food and catering services industry leader.

Then there is this other conundrum that still persists. Your quaint little shop is located somewhere out in the picturesque countryside. How in heaven’s name can those parts reach your fridge? The industry leaders can locate the closest qualified refrigerator mechanic to call on you and install those necessary parts. And in the meantime, it is still a good idea to have a second fridge standing by as a good backup.